Albinoni 1671 - 1751 (80)

he is most noted for his instrumental music, especially his oboe concerti


Tomaso Giovanni Albinoni (June 8, 1671 - January 17, 1751) was an Italian composer of Baroque music. He was born in Venice and was the son of a wealthy merchant and aristocrat. He studied violin and singing, and completed his first opera at the age of 23 in 1694, along with a collection of twelve sonatas (Opus 1). He left the management of the family business to his younger brothers while he became a professional composer with great success. Most of his operas have been lost because they were not published during his lifetime, he is known today for the oboe concertos. His organic music is believed to have influenced the work of Johann Sebastian Bach, who lived at the same time. He spent most of his life in Venice, but some travels are recorded, mainly in Northern Europe. He died in 1751 in Venice.