Dario Ruben 1867 - 1916 (49)



Ruben Dario, -Felix Ruben García Sarmiento his baptismal name-, (January 18, 1867 – February 6, 1916) was an important Nicaraguan poet, also journalist and diplomat. He was born in Metapa and Chocoyos, (today's Ciudad Darío) in Nikaragua, after his parents divorced he grew up with an aunt in Leon where at 13 he published his first poems. He was considered a child prodigy and was called to Managua where he was given a position in the municipal library. He published there his first collection of poems under the pseudonym Ruben Dario. He soon became known as the exponent of a new current in poetry, modernism. In 1886 he moved to Chile where he published another collection of poems and in the following years traveled as a journalist and diplomat to Argentina, Guatemala, Costa Rica and other Central American countries.

Ruben had 2 short marriages and a son from his first marriage. In 1898, during the Spanish-American War, he was sent as a war correspondent to Spain; he was accepted as a leading poet and associated with great figures of Spanish letters. He also had a daughter who never met. In 1903 he moved to Paris and assumed the position of consul general of Nicaragua. Then he traveled to Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Austria and Germany. In 1910, with severe health problems, mainly mental from alchoholism, he tried to kill himself. In 1912 he took over the management of two magazines in Uruguay, in 1913 he lived in Barcelona where he composed his last important work: "Singing about Argentina and other poems"

He returned home in 1915 in failing health, he died on January 7, 1916.