Mint-Abba Dimi 1958 - 2011 (53)


Dimi Mint Abba (1958-2011) was a Moorish musician, one of the most famous and successful in her country but also with international recognition.

She was born on December 25, 1958, (baptismal name: Loula Bint Siddaty Ould Abba), in Tidikdja, Mauritania, to a low-caste (iggawin) family of musicians. Her parents were her first music teachers, she started playing musical instruments and singing at an early age. Her professional career began in 1976, when she sang on the radio and then won a music competition in Tunis.

Her first international release was on the record label World Circuit, following the recommendation of Ali Farka Touré. On this album, she was accompanied by her husband and her two daughters. He later composed famous and popular Mauritanian songs such as "Hailala" and "Koumba bay bay". Dimi toured extensively in African countries, in Europe (1989 and 2006), in the United States (1993), in Australia (2009).

She died of a cerebral hemorrhage on June 4, 2011, in Casablanca, Morocco after an accident on stage, ten days earlier, during which she hit her head.